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Unlock growthgrowth by
deeplydeeply understandingunderstanding your customer journey

Understand the motivations behind every decision

The main tactical objectives

  • Access scalability by making your inbound funnel flywheel repeatable
  • Establish yourself as a trusted leader in your market with high-quality content
  • Improve your conversion rate with impactful messaging and design
  • Learn intentionally with mutivariant omnichannel split testing
  • Measure impact with aligned KPIs and data management
  • Optimize CAC & LTV

We help your SaaSSaaS scalescale from $1MM$1MM toto $100MM$100MM by crossing the chasm.

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Where are you on the Adoption Life Cycle?

Hyper-growth and market success are possible when you cross the chasm.

The innovators are SaaS enthusiasts like you. They have the financial flexibility to adopt new products and keep up with your vision. They are typically younger and active in various tech communities.

Early adopters also tend to be young and can possess many traits of the various customer segments, depending on your product. They are usually opinion leaders or influencers who try out new products selectively for their audience. 

The early majority are risk averse. They gather enough data and look before they leap. They are less emotionally invested, more pragmatic, and don’t like change. To tap into this customer segment, your product and messaging must be straightforward.

The late majority are skeptics. They need more than just case studies. They usually have an existing solution and you may need to work twice as hard to convert them. A fully matured product is able to tap into this customer segment.

Blogs, forum threads, case studies, and testimonials won’t sway this group. They prefer to get specific recommendations from people they trust. In addition to having an amazing product, you have convinced them that your product is better than their current solution.

How do you cross the chasm into the mainstream market?

Your SaaS can be worth tens of millions and still be stuck in the early market. How do you tap into the mainstream market?

But your funnel is already working, why throw it away?

At Yamu, we say, KEEP THE FUNNEL! Instead, use it to kickstart your flywheel. This is the ultimate bridge to the chasm.

What decisions do your customers need to make to enter your funnel?

Imagine you are the customer, what factors do you consider before making a purchase decision? Identify these and you’ve hit the bullseye.

The user must have a clear need.

The user must understand how and why we are the solution to their need.

The user must see us at the right time.

The user must understand the cost of alternatives or not having the product. 

The user must understand the impact of the product beyond its immediate utility. 

What value does your product provide your customer?

Find out how your product actually affects your customer rather than focusing on its features or benefits.

At Yamu, we believe the best products always have something new to educate their customers. When your customers search for something related to your product, you want to be the first credible source they see.

 Many customers are open to new products even if it’s one feature better than their current solution. What impacts your product success is your ability to identify these “unknown” pain points and how your product can solve them.

 How much more convenient is your product compared to others in the market? If it offers better UX, saves time, increases efficiency, or has any feature that spells convenience, then it’s your competitive advantage.

The biggest mistake SaaS can make

To develop an idea without considering the customer. The strikeout comes when they get poor results and then blame the branding.

The best startups don’t just have great ideas! For them, finding customers who relate to what they offer is the key to building a solid brand and product.



Companies that have proven product-market fit and have existing customers. They understand how and why their users use their product but have not figured out how to create a digital strategy to acquire ideal customers at scale.


Professional Service Firms

Companies that have a well-defined service offering with clear customer personas. Companies that have grown using network relationships and referrals but have not mastered digital lead acquisition and nurturing.


High-Ticket Sales

Companies that have services/products that have a selling price above 100k a year that have clear decision-makers they need to target with industry-specific hurdles to overcome to land a sale.



Early-Stage companies that need help defining their customer personas, use real data to justify their assumptions and build a scrappy low-cost plan to prove their product-market fit and create enough traction to pursue larger funding rounds.

We are your outsourced CMO and team

Testing Pod

A specialist will handle each area of the project. There will be no more than two clients at the same time at this stage. Using this approach will maximize our performance.

Scaling Pod

A specialist in each area will be assigned to the account, focusing mainly on your project and occasionally on other small ones.

Other specialists can be involved in each phase, for example, developers, designers, copywriters, etc.

Our technical growth marketing skills

Your product is great. Your value is clear. Let’s help you get the attention and results you need.

Market and competitor analysis

Paid advertising funnels

Search engine optimization

Growth and scale strategy

Conversion rate optimization

User research

Email marketing

LinkedIn marketing

Content writing


User experience design

Web development

Influencer marketing

Unlock growthgrowth by
deeplydeeply understandingunderstanding your customer journey

Understand the motivations behind every decision

We know your pain points

  • Access scalability by making your inbound funnel flywheel repeatable
  • Become a trusted leader in your market with high-quality content
  • Improve your conversion rate with impactful messaging and design
  • Learn intentionally with mutivariant omnichannel split testing
  • Measure impact with aligned KPIs and data management
  • Optimize CAC & LTV

Market & Competitor Analysis

We use various tools and systems to analyse the data within your market. This includes competition research that allows us to understand how much traffic is being driven to your competitors' sites, how they’re doing it, and guage what they’re spending. We create SWOT analysis for your company in comparison to the customer journey flows that exist in your space as well as a thorough read to assess the relevancy of your previous marketing efforts.

Paid Advertising Funnels

We use Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Display to build ad campaigns that are omnichannel with a focus on ToFu, BoFu, Mofu & After-Purchase. We build unique landing pages for each customer jounrney and monitor all the data and test outcomes using control variables.

Search Engine Optimization

We do regular keyword research into keywords that have opportunity. We use these keywords in our On-Page Technical plan as well as our blog writing plan. We write content with the focus of getting high engagement rates and getting indexed on google. We support these tactics with a quality focused link-building strategy to promote domain authority.

Email Marketing

We write high converting copy for various email sequences. Newsletters, re-engagement series, automation and much more. Post-launch we monitor the conversion metrics and test different content, layouts, offers and various strategies to increase the key metrics that drive results.

LinkedIn Marketing

We work with you to identify the pain points that drive decision making and use that to test conversion rates on multiple target markets. We have a data analytics dashboard that extracts information from sales navigators which we use for the 3X the average return on a LinkedIn outreach campaign.

Content Writing

We use keyword research, competitor research and trend research to write copy using your brand's tone. Our copy extraction process is built with the intention of understanding the intention of the copy, and solving for the blockers that prevent readers from understanding the intention.


We help you develop a clear and cohesive brand guidelines that consists of brand identity, messaging and visual style. Effective design is a science. Our designers combine deep information extraction with research-based knowledge about what works best in today's market to create captivating branding and logos that bring clients’ visions to life and appeal to target audiences.

User Experience Design

We will perform a lean canvas workshop to extract information from your team to understand their target customers' problems and tie them to solutions provided by your service/product. We will create user personas based on these customer segments and map website content and navigation accordingly. We will also map out the user flow of each persona, all in an effort to optimize design.

Web Development

We create beautifully branded, strategically informative, mobile responsive and user-friendly websites on WordPress and Shopify. From conceptualization to launch, we manage backend development, frontend design and everything in between. With a focus on data-backed design, we set up Google Analytics and HotJar for continuous optimization.

Thank you

For being a part of our first year | 2020 - 2021

We are data scientists and creatives

Your growth marketing team

Yamu is a team of highly experienced data scientists and creatives who can be Ninjas and Navy Seals to accomplish any mission. We take extreme ownership of our actions and work diligently to get results. Our mission is to empower leaders to scale impactful companies. We serve as connectors, the bridge between your SaaS and mainstream customers. Unlike other marketing partners, we don’t shy away from saying we don’t know what will work for your company. But we are resilient enough to find something that works without compromising on quality. We value transparency and ownership. As a diverse team, we strive to create change in the world of SaaS marketing and lead the frontiers of a tech-enabled ecosystem.

Kanishka Wanninayaka

Founder & CEO

Ed Young

COO & Managing Director

Dylan Cohen

Account Director

Vinko Pavlovic

HR/Legal/Finance Director

Brandon Sanzo

Sales & Business Development Director

Stephanie Souvannavong

Creative & Development Lead

Bojan Samardzija

Solutions Architect

Sadaqut Khan

SEO Manager

Kumar Vanshaj

PPC Manager

Gustavo Tovar

Digital Growth Strategist

Juan Pablo Angulo Porto

Digital Growth Strategist

Sava Spikic

LinkedIn Marketing Manager

Eliana Rodriguez

Virtual Relationship Manager

Crystal White

Virtual Relationship Manager

Melanie Barreto

Copywriting & Content Strategist

Juan David Valdivieso

UX/UI Strategist

Mayra Rueda

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Laura Alvarez

Graphic Design Specialist

Thanni Quowam

Copywriting Specialist

Camila Martinez

Email Marketing Strategist

Jairo Cox

Web Development Specialist

Diego Garzon

Growth Strategist

Clark Dever


Jack Greco


Who we are


The ability to communicate the truth is the foundation to project success. Building a company is hard, visibility is key to making good decisions.


There are many factors that influence behavior. We are conscious of variables outside of the regular that drive impact.

Creative & Data Driven

We rely on data to prove assumptions. We build on multivariate data over time to enable predictability which leads to scalability.


This journey we are all on is a long one. We aim the enjoy the process and share that energy with you.

We've helped 100's of companies
accelerateaccelerate growthgrowth

You Grow,Grow,
We GrowGrow

When our team came together to figure out why we exist and whom we wish to work with, we realized that we care deeply about the nature of the relationships we build. We want to believe in people as much as they believe in themselves. To do that, we are selective about whom we work with.

That led to creating the slogan “You grow, we grow.” It accentuates that we tie our happiness, success, and growth to the growth of the people we work with. Our time is valuable, our energy is valuable, and we enthusiastically invest, in our clients, all that we have to offer.

We want our clients to know that we are in it with them. We want people to feel like we are partners. Especially with the nature of marketing, there are some risks that must be taken. We want people to understand that they can trust us to take these risks and we will treat their business, money, and time with respect.

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