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    See If You Qualify:

      What is the Digital Growth Hacking Audit?

      Our Digital Growth Hacking Audit uses qualitative and quantitative data to assess areas of friction and improvement in the digital growth of your brand and customer acquisition. We use a combination of your data, your competitions data which we access using data extraction tools, and qualitative frameworks we have developed.

      This process takes 2-4 weeks. If you like the work we have done, and feel confident in our ability, we will use the audit to build a roadmap and execute on a 12 month digital growth plan. If you feel like our team didn’t hit the mark, you can get a full refund on the audit and walk away with some good information.

      Research and Analytics

      Data Backed Observations

      Areas of Opportunity

      How Will You Leverage Your Data?

      PPC Ads Audit

      Don’t have access to your competitor metrics and market trends? Want to know if your A/B tests are set up correctly and reporting accurately? Feeling stuck, don’t know what else can be done to improve ROAS?

      By taking a deep dive into the analytics of your market, we are able to spot opportunities that can pave the way for a scalable PPC campaign. You will have a clear understanding of what your competitors are doing and how you can capitalize on what they are doing wrong and how you can differentiate from what they are doing right

      Once you have understood your market, you can clearly justify a marketing strategy that uses data to make accurate inferences and assumptions

      By understanding what your competitors are spending, you can justify how much budget you should allocate to various PPC campaigns.

      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit

      Unsure if your technical SEO is setup correctly and hurting your ranking? Don’t  have confidence in your market search data and unsure if you’re capitalizing on the right content strategy? Frustrated with the lack of metrics to validate if you’re on track or not?

      We pull data from your market that informs you what type of organic strategy you need to reach the top of search results. Additionally, we show you how you can differentiate from your market based on your competitors current SEO strategy

      By understanding your customer’s journey we can outline what types of content your customers are searching at each level of the funnel. This information will allow you to create curated campaigns designed to engage potential customers wherever they are in their journey.

      SEO provides the greatest opportunity to scale your business online. We show you the direction you need to take to increase recurring organic traffic without spending a dime on advertising

      Email Marketing Audit

      Unsure how email marketing can be used to drive customers? Unclear on if open rate and click-through rate is fully maximized? Don’t have a system to assess conversion rate of content and sequencing strategy?

      We analyze your competition’s email marketing strategy and generate ideas to differentiate and create engaging email campaigns

      By understanding the types of re-engagement campaigns and specialized offer campaigns, we show you how you can increase the lifetime value of your customers while also building a loyal fanbase

      By understanding your audience, we can ideate email campaigns that are designed to engage specific users who have shown various levels of engagement with your brand.

      User Experience (UX/UI) Audit

      Does your website have unclear messaging or an undefined target audience? Ineffective design and inefficient performance? Frustrations in the user flow or navigation?

      We conduct deep analysis to identify problems areas

      We strategize opportunities for improvement and provide examples

      We organize improvements by order of importance so you can make informed decisions about what to tackle first

      Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Audit

      Does your website have low conversion rates or high cart abandonment rates? Having trouble choosing content or copy that resonates with users? Unsure where the problem lies and how to fix it? 

      We perform a deep analysis of Google Analytics and social media analytics to gain a holistic understanding of your website’s data

      We create a comprehensive plan to optimize website performance and design a prototype with the proposed changes

      We create a thorough usability test and engage with real users in order to determine the effectiveness of the design

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